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Consultation and Design



Quality Control

Consultation and Design

Consultation and Design

When you choose to work with Majesty, the first step is a consultation to discuss your unique packaging needs. Our team of experts will work with you to determine the ideal size, shape, and materials for your skincare containers wholesale. Once we have an understanding of your vision, our design team will create drawing for your approval.

We’ll work closely with you throughout the process to ensure that the tubes meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.



During the prototyping stage, Majesty will create a sample of the custom cosmetic container design to you for checking quality. This is the perfect opportunity to test the product and make any necessary adjustments.

With years of experience and a wealth of cosmetic packaging ideas, the team at Majesty can provide valuable feedback and recommendations to ensure that your packaging solution is both functional and visually appealing.



Once the prototype has been approved, Majesty moves on to production. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that each step of the production process meets the highest standards.


From injection molding to silk screening, we use cutting-edge technology to deliver superior results. Majesty is committed to being a reliable cosmetic containers manufacturer, providing you with the best packaging solutions for your products.

Quality Control

Quality Control

With a focus on quality control, Majesty ensures that every custom cosmetic container produced during the production phase meets the highest standards. This includes testing the materials used, verifying the dimensions and weight of each package, and conducting functional tests to ensure that the packaging is fit for purpose.


Customers can trust that their cosmetic packaging wholesale needs are in good hands with Majesty.


Our tube packaging is widely used in: skin care creams, lip gloss, eye cream, facial cleanser, hand cream, hair&body lotion, shower gel, suncream &BB cream, shampoo, etc.

Surface Finish

Enhance the visual appeal of your cosmetic products , Our tubes come in a variety of gloss options, including Reverse UV, Coarse Frosted, Matte Varnish and Glossy Varnish finishes.


The five technologies of screen printing, offset printing, CMYK, hot stamping and label printing have a wide range of comprehensive applications in cosmetic packaging printing. They are often used in combination to achieve different printing effects and application requirements.


The shape has an impact on the storage, use and appearance of the product. The specific product design will comprehensively consider factors such as product attributes, user experience and brand image, so not all cosmetics will follow the above rules. Different brands and products may have their own unique bottle shape designs.


Logo has an important influence in packaging and printing. It increases brand recognition, communicates brand values and perceptions, enhances the visual appeal of packaging, increases product recognition, and establishes brand consistency. All these factors contribute to the success of a brand in a highly competitive market.

Heads And Caps

There are a varied of specialised heads can be optioned , such as wands, roller balls, sponge heads, silicone heads, brushesheads, Electric Massage Vibration heads, lip applicator heads and airless pumps, long nozzle tip and so on, they can be usecor lip balms, single use products, eve creams, moisturisers, mascara, foundation and a variety of other cosmetic products
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Top quality and reliability of products have always been important to us.
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